The Hollies Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress 1972

The Hollies Long Cool Woman ... or "Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)" from the album "Distant Light" is presented on the Rhino Channel from Rhino Entertainment Company often called RHINO Records.

High energy electric guitar and effects song especially for the early 1970s. Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress) was released on April 17, 1972, and reached No. 2 on the Billboard Top 100 in September 1972.

The song was recorded at AIR Studios July 16-30, 1971. The genre is considered swamp rock and has some early flange affect heard later in disco.

Several unauthorized versions of the song were removed  from YouTube on copyright grounds. Some videos remain on YouTube but portions of the song were silenced.  The YouTube channel DJDiscoCat has an especially good "1972 Extended Meow Mix."

The Hollies Long Woman (extended Meow Mix) is a good remix that was removed from YouTube on copyright grounds in 2021. It might be back however.