"Some Nights" by Fun, and by New Directions Choir Group

Some Nights was covered by the entire New Directions choir group in the Dynamic Duets episode of Glee.

Some Nights is by American indie rock band Fun, and was released on June 4, 2012 in the second studio album with the same name. The album Some Nights topped the US Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks and Alternative Songs for two weeks, with over six million digital downloads.

We Are Young also caught attention through the Fox television series Glee covering Some Nights. The band was in shock at the news, with Dost saying that "that's just one of the coolest things that could possibly have happened." Glee's cover of "We Are Young" was the show's highest selling debut single of their season and connected their listening audience to the band.

In the United States, Some Nights debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 the same week as the album Some Nights debuted at number 3 on the Billboard 200. The song remained in the lower region of the chart for approximately four months because of low-level sales and consistent high-level streaming. The song Some Nights eventually entered the top 40 in its eighteenth week. In its twenty-third week, Some Nights switched places with We Are Young at number 11 on the chart, where it stayed for one more week.

The music video produced for Fun, produced by Poonam Sehrawat and directed by Anthony Mandler, shows a fictional battle taking place during the American Civil War, and shows the band singing from afar as war breaks out with lead singer Nate appearing as the commander of the Union force.