VIDEO: Beyonce Gets Her Butt Slapped by Overzealous Fan at Forum in Copenhagen May 27, 2013

VIDEO: Fan slaps Beyonce's behind.

Beyonce had her rear-end slapped by a fan after she share her mic with him at a concert in Copenhagen. She threatened to have him escorted out of the venue. No one has confirmed if the butt slapper was actually kicked out of the concert -- The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, fourth concert tour..

This follows the Bit Knee Spears incident and Will Smith getting kissed by a prankster Ukranian interviewer. And fans rushing the stage of Justin Bieber.

Forum Copenhagen (or Forum KĂžbenhavn) in Frederiksberg in Central Copenhagen, Denmark, is a large, rentable faire building, which hosts a large variety of concerts, markets and exhibitions, among other things. Forum Copenhagen can hold 10,000 people.

The Mrs. Carter Show