DMX Arrested in Greenville County, South Carolina -- Sleeps Through DUI Arrest in Police Car

TMZ has video of DMX's latest DUI arrest, and passing out in the cop car isn't the best way to ace a sobriety test.

Dash Cam DUI arrest of rapper in Greenville County, South Carolina about 3:00 a.m. Friday. In the video, the police officer asks DMX if he's been drinking, and DMX says he had one drink -- but later he possibly admits to drinking "4 or 5" drinks -- the audio is a little difficult to understand. Despite the drinks, DMX insists he's not too drunk to drive. This was his second DUI in South Carolina this year.

TMZ finds out what happens when one's nose itches while one is handcuffed.

Since becoming a public figure, DMX's has been arrested multiple times for a variety of charges, including impersonating an FBI agent. In 2009 DMX was sentenced to 90 days in prison for theft, drug possession and animal cruelty offenses.

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