Flo Rida "Can't Believe It" Takes the New York TMZ Tour Bus Launching New Song

TMZ: Flo Rida hops on the TMZ New York tour bus, and brings us a heaping helping of ass.  Mmmm ...

The famous TMZ Hollywood tour bus has been spawned to New York.  Harry Levin, founder and managing editor of TMZ, is brought the TMZ Tour bus to New York City.

The pop-culture tour and show launched in New York on May 18, 2013.

According to Levin, the New York TMZ Tour Bus, "starts in Times Square and we go through all the different areas of New York where we've broken lots of stories over eight years.

TMZ: Flo Rida entourage girls ... Like "two basketballs in you pants."

No TMZ tour bus for Chicago yet, but there is a CHICAGO CRIME TOURS bus ...


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